Friday, January 23, 2009

The post about nothing I guess!?

I have found a great place here on the net to fix your pics before you post them. I have already started to fix the ones on my site and man you should see how nice they look.
This is one of the new slippers I have made it is fuzzy and just like the one in my shop but not a Mary Jane style. My daughter calls them the closed toe style.
As you can see that this post is really about nothing in general but about every thing. I know I am confused to.
I had decided to write it this way since my week has been very busy with a custom order from a very generous repeat customer. I will be shipping her slippers on Monday. She is one of the Luck ones to get to have a pair of the new line that I am going to have out this spring (I will tell you more in weeks to come).
Well I have to get back to my orders and will have a new Post on My Etsy Favorites on Monday. See you then!

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