Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mother's Day!

I can't believe that Spring is already here! I know that the birds are singing and for most of us we have our windows open to let the fresh air in.
Spring is also when we think about our flowers in the yarn, the gardens we are going to plant, and what we are going to get Mom for Mother's day. Then we have Father's day just around the corner.

I have found some goodies for Mom this Mother's day! All of these gifts are Hand made. You can find them on Etsy! I hope that you like them & I know I got some great ideas for my Mom!

This is perfect for the Mom (or Dad) that loves to cook or bake!

Liatris bulbs
Perfect for the Mom who loves to Garden!

Butterfly Herb Markers

Treat Mom to a Home Made spa. Give her a great day of Pampering at home & the give her her own lotion.

I hope that you like what I have found for Mother's Day! You can find these and more on
Have a great week!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Our Beloved Beagle!

Today Is a very sad day> This afternoon my parents had to put our beloved beagle Sid down. She had been sick for a few days & Mom took her to work yesterday (she is a vet tech) along with today. She didn't get better and was getting sicker. My Mom made the heart breaking choice.
Sid is a great beagle. She was the queen of all the beagles in the house and was the protector of my kids. She is the best girl I could ever ask for!
Sid is the beagle next to the cage & Teli (her litter mate has his back to you).
In Sid's honor I am donating all the sales from my shop to go a do shelter in Chardon, Ohio. This starts today & ends April 26, 2009. Please pass the word along and purchase from my shop to help a dog in a shelter get what they need.
Thank you!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Item!

This has been a very nice week to sit outside while working. I just wish that I was able to get the computer out there (maybe then I would be able to blog more when I am out there! Oh well). I have made a few new items and will be adding them to the shop soon.
These are one of the newest items that I had already added. I will be adding more items soon so you have to check out the shop often to see what is fresh and new!
Now that spring is on it's way I am going to be adding more spring bags, slippers and ecofriendly items.
I have a new shop. I am on Artfire. I just mainly make sewn items there and may add a few crocheted or loom knitted items but this is mainly a sewing shop. I am just adding things as I go along. You will have to stop by and check it out often!
Well I am off to get the boys outside to play before it rains and gets colder!
Have a great day!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I am so sorry that I have not posted in a long while! I have been so busy with my new spring collection on Etsy & a new shop on that I didn't get a chance to post a thing.
I will be posting fabric creations on artfire and my crocheted & loom knitted items on etsy. I am still working on items for both shops and should have a few new things post on Fridays with updates weekly and a few other bits of info to.
Please stop my artfire shop and tell me what you think!
Have a great day!