Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gone to the dogs

I am so terrably sorry that I have not posted in a few days. It has been so nice & I had to clean up after the parties this weekend. I turned 30 & Connor turned 1! I will post the pics soon!

I have found a few cute doggy items and I am passing them on to you. I hope that you stop by these shops and look at all the cute things they have!
Enjoy! cute Beagle is from mygreydog. This can be for any Dog wanting to be a Beagle.

Wouldn't you pup look really cute in some tyedye this summer? I know my little Sam would just love it. This is from HAPPY FANTASTIC DESIGNS .

http://http// is from AcmeCouture.

Do you like to run or jog in the rain & you dog doesn't here is a great way for the 2 of you to enjoy iy together.

This cute sweeter for him is from aandboriginals

I hope that you love all these cute gone to the dogs items. Next week I will have a post on Father's day items that I have found. What are you getting Dad this Father's day? I have already got mine!

Have a Great day!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Baby is turning 1!

I can't believe that my youngest is turning 1 on Friday! It seems like yesterday I was just bringing him home!

I have been searching the Internet for a dairy-free & soy-free cake recipe for him. The poor little guy is allergic to them just as Joey is. Joey has seem to out grown it but not fully.

Connor had a difficult first year (mainly his birth). He had his embiliculcord wrapped around his neck from his belly & not the placenta. He was born purple & blue. He had some difficult with his breathing & a little murmur but the cleared up. He spent 2 days in the NICU & was able to come home (on my Birthday) the day he was released from the NICU. If you were to see him now you would not have known he had a difficult start.

Connor was born 4/24/08 @ 4:30pm. He was 23in long & 10lbs 2oz (yes he was a big boy) He was not a c-section either (yes I had the drugs & it did hurt)!
Connor is not the biggest for me. Kayla (my oldest) weighted 8lbs. Joey 10lbs 15oz. JT 9lbs 6oz. I think that I am prone to big boys.

If you know of anyone who has a dairy-free & soy-free cake recipe please it my way. Connor will thank you very much. I want him to e a normal kid 7 enjoy everything that is around him & missing out on cake for his birthday should not be one of them.

Have a Great Week!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Etsy finds!

I know that I was supposed to post this on Monday but I could not resist it! I was looking around Esty & found lots of Beagle things, Well do stuff to!

I hope that you like what I have found! Please stop by these shops & see what else they have. You may love what you see!


From CodysCloset I found this doggy poop bag holder. Take them when you & you pooch go for walks.

From FrumsGlassMenagerie

Is this beautiful beagle neckless.

From watercolorqueen

I found this very adorable beagle! They really do look like this when they are sleep!


Laugh at this comical Happy Hounds Beagle T Shirt! They just have a funnyness about them!



This is so true in any beagle house! We are just their humans who spoile them every way we can!

I hope that you have enjoyed just some of the Beagle stuff thatI have found.
I am part of the Esty Beagle Street Team. Please stop by our Blog and vote for you favorite challenge item. You May even be the winner of a beautiful beale colors bracelet!
Have a Great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Etsy Beagle Team challenge!

The Etsy Beagle Street team is having a contest. Please stop by & enter for a chance to win a gorgeous piece of jewelry! How you are asking? Well all you have to do is go to our blog and enter . I have entered my Spring slippers in the contest but there are a lot of beautiful items. Please vote for your favorite!
The Beagles Thank you & so do I!
Have a great day!
P.S. stay tuned for more Etsy fun. I am looking for pet items (well things with dogs on them to)!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

New yarn!

Look what I found!
It glows in the dark! i am going to make some slippers out of this. I have it in a few other colors to. I will post the picture of the ones that are done and some of the other colors that I have. I bought out the store!
I am busy making more spring slippers and have tons of yarn made from recycled fibers.
Today is a gorgeous day and I am going to take the looms outside and work!
Have a great day!