Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New year, New items

Welcome to the New Year! I hope that everyone has a blessed & prosperous 2009!
In Etsy news:
I am currently working on a few slippers (sorry don't have pics yet) & working on making my shop more prosperous for then New Year. I am also looking for some feed back on my shop, weather it be good or bad.
In crochet news:
I am still trying to finish the blankets I started for spring! I will get them done so that I can post them by May.
In Looming news:
I have made a new pair of slippers but have to take the pics of them. I am also working on some cotton earth friendly shopping bags or carry all bags as the kids call them. They come in all different sizes and 2 shapes (long & round). I will have pics of them soon.
I Have also started a page on my space (creativecomforts) look me up and add me on.
If you are looking for more info on my items and when they will be added or when I am offering Free Shipping. Give me you email & I will send you just the facts, plus you can opt out @ any time with no questions asked.
Time to go work.
Have a Great Day!

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