Monday, August 11, 2008

I am still working!

I know that I said that I would have pics of my new items before I post them but I didn't take the pics yet and haven't finished my new items yet!
I am currently working on some fingerless mitts (free form) and a scarf or 2 and maybe a few hats.
I am hustling my butt along. I am just trying to have fun with the kids before the head back to school next week. i know then I will have more time to get thing up.
I will have every thing up by the end of next month. That I can guarantee, but what is up I can't say what it will be just keep checking out the etsy page and this page to find out when things are going to be up.
In etsy news:
I have put up 2 new items.
I posted up a snow person and a holiday h2o bag!
In crochet news:
I am almost done with my mitts. 1/2 way done with a scarf and will begin a new scarf by the end of the week.
In Looming news:
I have finished an eyeglass case/holder. I now just have to felt it in the next load of baby clothes. I will have pics of before and after felting.
OK gotta run chat again tomorrow if I get a few things done!
Later days!

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