Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Guess what?

Guess what? It is that time of year again when the kids go back to school, Christmas shopping begins (well for me it does), warm days turn into cooler ones and then that the S word starts (snow).
I have been so busy lately that I have hit a crafters block! It started when I purchased some new yarn and decided to make a hat or mitts with it. Well I have changed my mind so many times that I have no clue what to make any more.!? I did however find some thing to make. I have been in need of some very nice stitch markers for when I loom and crochet. I am going to make some beaded ones and like usual I will make too many then post them on Etsy.
I have given my self until the kids go back to school to figure out what I'm going to make for winter (school starts in 2 weeks). I have tons of yarn just need the ideas.
In crochet news I have made 3 sets of slippers. One for each of the kids and making a booty set for the baby as soon as I'm done with Joeys slipper (yes slipper I have finished one and have to attach the rest of the other).
In Loom News! There is not really any thing new other than the New Knifty Knitter adult hat loom is out. I have not personally tried it yet but I have drooled over it though. HeHeHeHe! It is just a bit bigger that the green loom and smaller that the yellow.
OMG! I just got an Idea!
Well I better get going to the paper and pen so I don't forget them.
Have a great Day!
P.S. I will have some pics of my ideas and winter items. Maybe even a pattern or too.

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